Åkerblads - Gästgiveri, SPA, Hotell
The History behind Åkerblads Hotell & Gästgiveri

Åkerblads Hotell & Gästgiveri is a family owned hotel and the oldest farmhouse in Tällberg village. It is in fact originally named Gatugården Tällberg 1:1, where the words ”Gatu” (street) and “gården” (farmhouse) in the name comes from the farm being the largest farmhouse in Tällberg village situated right next to the main street.

In the old days at Åkerblads, the people earned a living from farming and forestry and as a sideline they arranged parties, weddings and funerals. It was not until the year 1910 that the Åkerblad family started to run a private family hotel business. However, there were livestock at the farmhouse up until the year 1943 even though the hotel business at that time was quite large and successful.

Today, the old farmhouse is partitioned off into many parts after a large division 1903 when the son who had recently inherited the farm, died on his 34th birthday. Lots were drawn between the other siblings to decide who should inherit the farm and the lot fell on Gatu Kersti Olsdotter who thru marriage had taken the name of Åkerblad.

Today it is the 19th, 20th and 21st generations of Åkerblads with their staff, who warmly welcome you to Gatugården and Åkerblads Hotell & Gästgiveri! A farmhouse dating back to the 15th century with generation after generation radiates a homely and genuine Dalecarlian atmosphere.